The No BS, Straight-Up Super-Amazing Starting-From-Zero, Social Selling Workshop

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VP of Marketing at LeadiQ

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Ryan O'Hara

We’re going to pretend that everyone in this session has no following online, no brand recognition, and doesn’t have a double-digit response rate from their prospects. We will go into how they are able to generate over 50+ meetings a month combining social selling, individual branding, content, cold calling, and cold emailing. 

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Director of Clients at GaggleAMP

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Glenn Donovan


 Team Lead, SDR at LeadiQ

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Jeremy Leveille

Whether you run a sales team, or are a prospector, bring your notebooks. Your path to world domination starts here.

What you'll learn:

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  • How to effectively combine social with cold calling and cold emailing
  • How to use social media information to prospect an account
  • How to produce content quickly that will actually get in front of your prospects
  • How to make social selling an inbound sales channel for the outbound rep

On-Demand Webinar

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Sometimes it's not always about you....but this webinar is!

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